Cocoon is By Far One of the Best Games This Year; See Why!

Annapurna Interactive

Picture this: you’re in the middle of playing Cocoon, and everything is finally making perfect sense to you. And you’ll shortly understand why. Cocoon is the first video game produced by Geometric Interactive, a company that was established by Jeppe Carlsen (Limbo, 140, and Inside) and Jakob Schmid (140, and Inside), both of whom had previously worked for Playdead. Have a look at the captivating trailer down below:

The controls and the level of overall involvement are kept to a bare minimum, just like they were in Limbo, 140, or Inside. On an Xbox controller, for instance, this means that movement is accomplished by an analog stick, and all interactions are relegated to a single button. That’s very remarkable, don’t you think?

Let’s delve into more cool details about Cocoon and find out why it’s a perfect game!

In Cocoon, orbs are the most important thing. They are components that illuminate unseen pathways, unlock doors, activate switches, and provide solutions to riddles, but they are also the actual levels themselves. Each ball represents its own unique planet and unique puzzle mechanisms, complete with its own atmosphere and a fight against a boss. You can move between these worlds by inserting an orb into one of the many sockets that are scattered throughout the game. That is very awesome!

And hear us out! You can actually overcome bosses by just employing elements of the surrounding environment, such as water spouts. Cocoon is unquestionably a game that promotes a zen state of mind, isn’t it?!

There are more environmental issues of a more straightforward nature that need to be solved. The first could have you figure out the sequence in which to flip some switches, while the second could require you to move certain towers in order to access a door. Would you be willing to give Cocoon a shot?

Later this year, Cocoon will be available for the PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, as well as PC and Xbox consoles.

Georgia Nica
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