ChatGPT For iOS: New Support For Siri and Shortcuts


The long-awaited addition of support for Siri and Shortcuts has now been implemented in ChatGPT for iOS, which is fantastic news. The capability to drag and drop files is also included, in addition, to support for iPads. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

OpenAI has just announced a few new enhancements for its iOS app, one of which is an interface with Shortcuts. You now have the ability to create a ChatGPT prompt inside Shortcuts and preserve it as a connection between the AI tool and various programs. You can also now ask Siri to pull up ChatGPT or build Shortcuts. This feature was previously only available on iOS. Voice input is already supported in ChatGPT for iOS thanks to OpenAI’s Whisper speech recognition software. Siri will further broaden ChatGPT’s availability.

Additionally, coming ahead, ChatGPT will have improved support across all iPads. Now it will take up all the available space on your screen, which should hopefully result in a less poor overall experience.

What are your thoughts so far about ChatGPT’s development and support?

The upgrades come in the wake of ChatGPT’s recent growth across Apple’s gadgets and apps. Before that, the software already synchronized discussions with your PC and granted members of ChatGPT Plus access to GPT-4. Pretty sleek!

Coming back to the drag-and-drop feature, which is totally fantastic, you are now able to take messages out of ChatGPT’s UI and into other apps without much effort. And it is up to you to decide which approach to use because, somehow, it is comparable to using the manual version of Shortcuts.

ChatGPT is making steady progress toward expanding its presence on Apple devices, but users of Android devices still need to wait for an app. So expect to see more of it soon as it’ll reach more and more platforms and, of course, apps!

Georgia Nica
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