Capital One hacker stole data from 30 other companies

A software engineer responsible for stealing data from 106 million people doing business with Capital One Bank in North America also usurped data from 30 other companies, US federal prosecutors say.

The servers recovered from Paige A. Thompson’s bedroom during the search of her residence contain not only stolen data at Capital One, but also many terabytes of stolen data from more than 30 companies, educational institutions and others.

The companies involved have not been named in the documents, but cybersecurity firm CyberInt says Ford, Vodafone, Michigan State University and the Ohio Department of Transportation would be among the new victims. It is impossible for now to know if people in Canada have been affected.

“Thompson is accused of committing one of the largest cyber-intrusions and theft of data in history. […] The consequences of his crimes will be immense,” according to prosecutors.

According to them, most of the data found at the hacker’s home does not contain any personal information.

Paige A. Thompson stated that the stolen data was not sold when she was interviewed by the investigators, who say they have no evidence that the accused lied about it. Thompson should still face more charges, given these new discoveries.

The police investigation of these data thefts continues. Paige A. Thompson’s bail hearing is scheduled for August 22.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.